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Kitchen Makeover in West Palm Beach, FL

Welcome visitors into your home without any qualms concerning entertaining, cooking, and hosting family and friends. Norlug Enterprises, is a home remodeling company that cares about providing a high level of service to each and every client. We provide general contracting but focus on kitchen remodeling with high grade products, quality workmanship, and creativity in design. Come to us today to schedule an appointment with us for a free estimate and design consultation about a potential kitchen makeover in West Palm Beach, FL.

Kitchen Makeover May Involve Minor Renovations

Did you know that a minor kitchen remodel is one of the top ten projects for a long-term return on investment? Our contractors can assess your space and let you know which minor updates are best for your space's makeover.

The purpose of these services is to make your kitchen more functional without having to undergo a complete renovation. Something as simple as getting new flooring can add significant value to your kitchen. Let our kitchen makeover contractor help you find the right general contracting changes for your space.

Kitchen Makeover in West Palm Beach FL

Your Luxury Makeover Starts with Creative Kitchen Design

The way to make your home more luxurious is to redesign the kitchen space and make it better than your standard, builder's grade kitchen. Our kitchen makeover contractor works with the belief that a kitchen makeover is only as good as its design. Some of the factors we consider your luxury makeover include:

  • The Size of the Space
  • Your Design Aesthetic
  • Appliance Preferences
  • The Budget for the Project
  • Complementary Flooring and Backsplashes
  • The Architecture of Your Home
  • Any Other General Contracting Work Needed
  • Countertops You Want to Add
  • Timeframe for the Renovation
  • Storage Spaces and Pantry Size

Book a Free Estimate with Our Kitchen Makeover Contractor

For more than 15 years, our kitchen makeover contractor has worked with a focus on high-end kitchen redesign, makeovers, and renovations. We have a dedication to quality service for every client, from your initial estimate to the finishing touches. Schedule your free estimate with us to discuss the basics of your renovation. The basis of your estimate will consider factors such as your square footage, design aesthetic, and the materials you are thinking of for the space.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free kitchen makeover estimate. We are proud to serve clients in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and the supporting communities.

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